Therapy Hours Tracker (THT)

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"Because therapists-in-training are drawn to the work, not the paperwork."
Record Your HoursRecord Your Hours(click for large view)

To graduate and receive your license you must track all of your client contact and supervision hours: individuals, couples, video supervision, case reports, etc. Each week simply enter hours for each category into the Hours section and THT will do the rest. No need to go back to enter hours for all past weeks; start where you are by entering previous hours all at once. Track hours for as many sites as you have.

Track Your ProgressTrack Your Progress(click for large view)

The Progress section of Therapy Hours Tracker displays totals for hours earned in each major category (total client hours, relational hours, supervision hours, direct observation hours, etc). Progress bars show how close you are to achieving your goals. Stay on track by checking the number of hours you need to average each week to graduate and get your license on time.

Print ReportsPrint Reports(click for large view)

Most client sites and college/university programs require you to create and submit monthly reports for the hours you have earned. The Reports section of Therapy Hours Tracker does this work for you. Monthly reports are available for all sites and include important totals and calculations such as your 'supervision-hours-to-client-hours' ratio.

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